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About Lárnach Recruitment

Lárnach Recruitment was established in 2017 and has quickly grown to become the labour hire and recruitment agency of choice for construction workers, contractors and developers across Ireland. All of our consultants and management come from the coal-face of the industry and have worked as engineers or on site management teams for the majority of their careers.

With a database of 50,000 candidates across all disciplines of the construction industry, we can ensure that we get the right candidate for each position. With our history working and managing projects, we understand the cost that inadequate labour has on the programme, quality and bottom line of your project.

Larnach Recruitment

What sets us apart from our competitors is this history of working in the industry. We understand the detail of your projects, the skills needed for each element of work and how our men need to fit into and supplement your existing labour. We ensure our candidates turn up, are qualified, experienced and get the job done.

We stick to what we know and only deal with labour and recruitment for the construction sector,  we don’t get involved with the logistics or manufacturing sectors, thus we spend all our time ensuring we get get the best labourers, tradesmen and management staff for your project.

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